'' Being an independent artist is about being punk -  all diy and attitude. ''



With the forthcoming release of her self-produced debut album 'REBEL IN PARIS', german-bosnian born singer, songwriter, music producer and independent artist 'REVOLUTION CHILD' ist set to fiercley push musical boundaries in the digital age of a human music experience.


Experimenting with the infinite possibilities of electronic music as well as by tapping into the avant-garde, Revolution Child's sound is heavily synthesized, eclectic and complex. While dark and obscure and at the same time illuminated by the ligth sound of bells, the artist turns entire songs into sonic universes. Her rather unorthodox approach to songwriting and composition takes you beyond the realms of what music can be.


Awarded 'Best Song' in one of Germany's long established songwriting awards for new music, her self-written songs have aired on German major radio station 'Radio Hamburg', 'Amazing Radio' U.K., 'Alex Berlin' as well as Germany's biggest online music magazine 'Yagaloo' and have received a lot of love from 'Radio Jango's listeners from across the world.


Having performed live across Germany and in the U.K., the release of Revolution Child's self-produced debut album 'REBEL IN PARIS' marks an entirely new chapter for the artist, her fans and followers.


Significantly shaped by the time the artist has spent living in the city of London, U.K., where she graduated in the performing arts, her influences range from Musique Concrete, Noise, Dadaism to popular music culture affecting Synthesizers, Dark Wave, industrial sounds and Goth.


From 2014 to 2017 Revolution Child recorded her debut album 'REBEL IN PARIS' in the solitude of Northern Germany, close to the Baltic Sea, neighbouring Denmark, where the singer orginates from and where she, throughout the recording of her first full-length album, launched her own record label.


From currently directing the music videos for the release of her self-produced debut album 'REBEL IN PARIS' to recently having launched her own international fashion label ,DESDIGNED BY REVOLUTION CHILD' through to following her passion for music production, urban and contemporary dance and  edgy fashion design, Revolution Child is in charge of all of her creative endeavours and brings together different elements in her music and on stage. While recording her debut album, Revolution Child crafted a pink, illuminated, turned around cross sculpture which became the artist's signature feature and an inherent part of her live performance.


Her self-produced three-song ep 'The Rebel in Paris Triology', scheduled to be released in early 2018, will mark an introduction to the release of her first full-length album 'REBEL IN PARIS' and will be available from more than 150 online music streaming platforms.


For the offical release of Revolution Child's debut album 'REBEL IN PARIS' follow the link below or subscribe to Revolution Child's mailing list and follow her online.

















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